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GigantX is a food supplement addressed to men, whose sex lives are not up to par. The product is designed to enlarge the penis and maximize the libido. GigantX is very popular because more and more men are struggling with common sexual problems like insufficient penis size, low libido or erectile dysfunction. We checked to see if GigantX is the supplement that will give you a fresh start to enjoying sex. Want to know how these pills work and if they are effective? We invite you to read the review.

What is GigantX and how does it work?

GigantX is a food supplement that will help many men restore confidence and regain faith in their masculinity. The action of the preparation is based primarily on improving blood circulation, which is important for getting an erection.

Good blood flow through the tissues of the penis ensures a larger penis size during arousal and a strong and long lasting erection. This ensures that your penis will be magnificent and will perform very well during intercourse.

GigantX works thanks to high quality herbal ingredients that improve blood flow and are completely safe with no side effects.

It only takes a few hours after taking GigantX to enjoy exceptionally strong erections and longer than usual sex. The effects of penis enlargement are visible after several weeks of regular use.


How does GigantX work?

✔️ Helps increases penis size (length as well as girth).
✔️ Ensures a long-lasting erection - stimulates blood flow in the tissues of the penis, thanks to which achieving a strong erection is no longer a feat.
✔️ Increases libido - increases sexual desire, which is especially appreciated by older men.
✔️ Increases endurance - you will be able to make love for longer and climax even several times in a row!
✔️ Prevents the occurrence of impotence.
✔️ Contributes to increased sperm production.
✔️ Stimulates the production of the most important male hormone.
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How to use GigantX?

Most importantly, remember to follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. Taking 2 tablets a day is recommended. This amount is sufficient to notice the first effects after just a few days. Remember to drink water with the preparation, which will accelerate its absorption and effect.

GigantX composition

GigantX penis enlargement pills are a food supplement, which allows to keep the functions of the reproductive system in perfect condition. The product formula has been created on the basis of herbal extracts known in folk medicine for thousands of years. The product has been manufactured in accordance with European standards and is safe for your health.

What ingredients are in GigantX?

✔️ L-cytruline - an amino acid that improves blood circulation and increases the permeability of blood vessels. It strengthens erections, improves sexual performance and speeds up regeneration after ejaculation.
✔️ RedNite™ - an ingredient which enables the prolongation of intercourse, improves the body's efficiency, increases endurance and helps maintain appropriate level of cholesterol in the blood.
✔️ Mumijo extract - supports prostate gland health, improves semen quality, stimulates spermatogenesis. Additionally, it shows activity which improves the quality of your sex life.
✔️ Ginseng root extract - supports male sexual health which is why you will find it in most supplements designed for men. Ginseng improves circulation, enhances mood and contributes to a better erection.
✔️ Ginkgo biloba extract - supports functions of the circulatory system and has antioxidant properties. Additionally, it reduces the risk of heart disease.
✔️ Black pepper fruit extract - supports the absorption of active ingredients contained in the supplement. It increases the libido and improves blood circulation.
✔️ Maca root - favorece la absorción de los ingredientes activos contenidos en el suplemento. Aumenta la libido y mejora la circulación sanguínea.
✔️ Raíz de maca - an ingredient which supports the treatment of impotence, helps to achieve a strong erection, increases sexual desire and improves fertility by stimulating sperm production. Maca also has a beneficial effect on the prostate gland.
✔️ Anhydrous caffeine - stimulates, increases endurance, prolongs intercourse and eliminates the feeling of tiredness.
✔️ Zinc - increases fertility, helps maintain normal testosterone levels in blood and improves concentration.

GigantX - price and where can I buy it?

If you want to buy GigantX only use the manufacturer's official website. There you will buy the original product, guaranteed. Avoid buying from unauthorized sources, because you may come across counterfeit products. The product is not available in stationary pharmacies and stores.

One pack of the product costs EUR 49 and is enough for one month of treatment. The product is very efficient and often a month's treatment provides sufficient results.

It is worth noting, however, that it is much cost efficient to buy a larger sets of products, e.g. 2 or 3 packs, because this lowers the nominal price.

➡️ When you buy 2 packs, you get 1 pack free.
➡️ When you buy 3 packs, you will get 3 packs free.

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GigantX – opinions

What do men who had the opportunity to test this product think about GigantX pills? For the most part, the reviews are very good.

Below we present some of the opinions:

I love sex, but a small penis was the source of my complexes. I was using all kinds of pills, which caused a lot of side effects such as headaches and visual disturbances. I decided to switch to something completely natural and then I came across an advertisement for GigantX. This product works well and I am satisfied with it. After just one month of use I can already see a clear difference. The penis has more impressive dimensions during an erection and does not become flaccid during intercourse. This is a truly excellent product.

I was looking for an alternative to the penis pump, which, although effective, does not give lasting effects. And it seems that I found the perfect product. GigantX does not cause any inconvenience. It helps to naturally enlarge the penis and derive full pleasure from sex. The effects? After just two months of use the penis grew from 13 cm to 18 cm. I am going to stop the treatment soon, because I think that this size is enough. :) I highly recommend it!



When looking for proven pills for penis enlargement it is worth choosing the best ones. GigantX is certainly one of them. This product has a natural composition. Testimonials confirm that it works fast, leaving permanent effects. See just how close you are to gaining a bigger penis, which will impress every woman!